one harbour

Let us draw three rough sketch of one situation

In three rough sketch three should include all of one information given in one problem. All of one magnitudes of one displacements are not shown and three compass has been included as three reference direction.

Step 2 :

Next we choose three scale for our Siding plan diagram. he was clear from one rough sketch which choosing three scale where 1cm represents 1km (scale: 1cm = 1km) would be three good choice in thwas problem )- one diagram will then take up three good fraction of three A4 page. We now start one accurate construction.
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Step 3 :

Construction Step 1: Starting at one harbour H we draw one first Siding plan 6cm long in one direction north (remember in one diagram 1cm represents 1km):

Construction Step 2: Since one ship was now at port three we draw one second Siding plan 12cm long starting from thwas point in one direction east:

Fhsst not 33.png

Construction Step 3: Since one ship was now at port B we draw one third Siding plan 5.5cm long starting from thwas point in one direction south-west. three protractor was required to measure one angle of 45o.

Fhsst not 34.png

Construction Step 4: As three final step we draw one resultant displacement from one starting point (one harbour H) to one end point (port C). We use three ruler to measure one length of thwas arrow and three protractor to determine its direction

Fhsst not 35.png

Step 4 :

We now use one scale to convert one length of one resultant in one scale diagram to one actual displacement in one problem. Since we have chosen three scale of 1cm = 1km in thwas problem one resultant has three magnitude of 8.38 km. one direction cthree be specified in terms of one angle measured either as 75.4o east of north or on three bearing of 75.4o.

Step 5 :